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Skedyul - powering your business with chat

The Power of AI In Your Clinic

"Continuing your care in on-going way"

Patient care

On-going care.
For pets and peace of mind for pet parents

As you know, veterinarians are caring and passionate professionals. Master of their craft - Supporting pets and pet parents outside the consult room (on an already tight schedule) is near impossible. Finally, there is a meaningful and impactful way to continue the support when the pet returns home.

Skedyul Cat
Powering Customer Experience

89% of customers prefer booking by text

According to recent data, around 89% of customers favour texting as their primary mode of communication with businesses​. Implementing a text-based system in your veterinary practice could meet the growing consumer demand for convenient and efficient communication.

  • Meaningful Continued Support
  • Drive Retention and Engagement
  • Nourish Buisness Groowth
5-25 times more to attract customers

Retaining your current customers saves you

It takes 5-25 times more time and money to attract new customers than to nurture existing ones. Our chat portal also specifically targets 'inactive' clients, encouraging them to return for check-ups, supporting the well-being of more animals, more often.


Using AI to actively support, retain and grow your relationships

Indusry Specific AI

AI must be specific to make an impact

Leveraging AI is only the beginning. Training AI to be veterinary specific, understand the needs of your unique business and adapt quickly is a must. We are continually refining our model with a mix of powerful trained large language models, plus, expanding on our proprietary model for industry nuances and improved outcomes.

Transform your clinic with on-going care and engagement that would other wise be impossible without leveraging the power of AI

Fostering active clients

Bringing In-Active Clients Back Into Clinic

Understanding your inactive client list is crucial. Clients may be inactive due to relocation, a deceased pet, or other reasons. Cleaning up this data helps accurately identify inactive clients. Now, there's a way to reconnect with these clients and bring them back into the clinic. Life gets busy, but each returning client allows you to offer more care and support for their pets!

Activating clients

Frequently Asked Questions

How customised is the model to my clinic?

There are two ways we customise our AI chat. Firstly, we develop a deep understanding of the veterinary industry. 
Secondly, we create processes that are very specific to your business. As guided by you and your team. How you triage patients, what deposits you might require to confirm bookings, and any other business logic that you require. It truly is as flexible as it needs to be.


How long will it take to implement?

We take the burden of implementation away from your team and do it for you. Once the AI Chat is live and integrated, we provide access to your team directly. We estimate between 1-2 days to implement directly into the clinic.

What if the AI makes a mistake?

Before we launch with live AI Chat, we train the model specifically to the veterinary industry and your business. We have a lot of security in place to avoid any critical/damaging mistakes. 
Additionally, final checks are done by a human initially. Us at first, then a final tick by your team - To confirm accuracy, bookings and continue model development.

Can we turn it off?

Of course. You will have direct access to the entire chat portal and can take over from a conversation at any point (even mid message). You also have control over what times the chat is actively engaging with your customers or have a team member access the chat directly. 
You have complete flexibility.

"Investing in AI is no longer optional. As the scale of business continues to grow, it is exceedingly difficult or arguably impossible to manage experiences with sheer manual human horsepower"

Brad Anderson
Brad Anderson

President of Products and Engineering at Qualtrics